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Dear Evanne & Ishmael,
I write to bear testimony to the fact that I asked for your help last August when I was faced with my various dilemmas. Ish’s future forecast was bang on. As Ish had forecasted, things hidden were revealed. The result gave me my life back and for this I am forever grateful to Evanne& Ish. Ish was very insightful about my marital love life issues. When I contacted you (Evanne), the messages that flowed from your mouth were simply amazing as I had already given up hope for my love, and she spoke through you using words which were impossible for you to ever know! I was shocked at what Evanne revealed, which were my deepest core doubts, and therefore strengthened my heart with love, faith and courage to walk with God and cosmic will. I have been a lifelong practitioner and believer in all things occult and come from a kabalistic heritage. I can safely say that I have never encountered anyone else who does message channeling via dead or living persons so easily as does Evanne. She has been blessed by G-D and by her guide Ish. I am a very difficult sort to convince and verify all information from anyone, having gone through various bogus, dubious and half baked mediums or psychics. I feel it in my heart that a person in trouble or after a quest should definitely give Evanne & Ish a chance as 9 times out of 10 they will be accurate“ Bang On”! Kind hearted with such a beautiful sweet smile, soft spoken and a very good humanitarian who has never turned me away or down, Evanne is a person who is not money or power hungry. This makes her a very beloved special sacred spiritual friend of mine who I shall always remember with gratitude, love and kindness. God Bless Evanne and Ish.
Ontario, Canada – July 2012

“I want to say that I took some time to listen to the recording that you provided. I have to say that I am not easily impressed. However, you impressed me with the reading that you performed for me. I have to say that you really brought some situations to light. You have the ability to really connect to what is going on in the lives of your clients. I really want to say thank you for shedding some light on some of the situations going on in my life presently. I will definitely consult with you again soon. Continued success to you!”
K. L. -Dec 2013

” Evanne has been such an instrumental person in my personal life. She is honest, genuine, and never judgemental. A friend of mine referred her to me because Evanne has helped her so much in her life. I never really believed in Psychic Counseling until I reached out to Evanne. Oh my gosh, I was floored when everything she said was right on! How did she know?? From there, I became her loyal client. She has helped me tremendously in regards to my life’s decisions, emotional difficulties, relationship issues, career/business concerns, and personal growth. Any time I have questions about anything that is currently going on in my life, she is definitely my go-to counselor by reading energies around the question and provide guidance, advice, and recommendations. She is also very detailed in her readings. Thanks so much Evanne for coming into my life! Lots of love,”
D. L.- March 2013

“Evanne – Your accuracy of reading always amazes me and also makes me aware of things which we normally do not recognize even though they are there. My cat that I adored for many years passed away. I always thought I was the one who took care of him and protected him, but after reading your reading, realized I was the one who was protected by him making sure my home stays in peace. I am very lucky to be able to have a protection like this, and will adore this sweet little light which still loves me.
Thank you so much, Evanne.”
– C.G. – May 2012

“I’ve meant to write for the past couple of days about something that happened during your reading. As we were talking, the mail truck pulled up and there was a knock at the door that I noted as the mailman returned to his truck. Since you and I were talking rather intensely, I basically forgot about it until I walked out outside to greet my husband as he arrived home from work.
Remember how, at the end of the reading, you/Ish said something like, “Part of this thing with the tingling in your feet has to do with your shoes.” Turns out the knock was the mailman delivering a new pair of Croc thongs that my husband had ordered for me, that feature these funny little massaging elements on the soles. About fifteen minutes after putting them on, the tingling was gone…and hasn’t returned.
Funny, huh? Thanks again for your help.”
– S.L.

“I just wanted to thank you for the email reading. I am still amazed at how accurately you described my connection/relationship with the people that I asked about. Now it’s up to me to decide which path to take! As always, it was a pleasure working with you!”
– R.R.

“I just got into my email. Oh Evanne, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! What an excellent reading! It all makes sense! You gave me names that are close to the area we are searching. Bless your heart. I can’t wait to have a telephone reading with you. You will be hearing from me soon Peace, Love & Light to you Evanne. You are definitely legit!”
– Yvonne F.

“I want to wish you great success and blessing for this new year 2010. Your past reading about my daughter has tremendously changed and improved our mother-daughter relationship. I wanted to thank you very much about that. Thank you and continue to be blessed for the work you are doing to help me and others enlighten our lives and remind us to always be aligned with our inner light.” – Christy Yongvang

“I just wanted to let you know I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for me and how much you’ve been there whenever I start to panic about something big or small. Your accuracy is unbeatable. Honestly, you might be the best out there in my opinion. No one delivers information like you do, the minute someone needs to know. Got a question or concern.. BAM!.. There’s your answer. Just like that. And you’re either right on the money or damn near close. That is amazing. You & Ish are quite amazing.. I would seriously worry if you were to ever disappear on me. Please don’t!”
– C.L.

“I just finished “reading my reading”. I am amazed at how you have picked up on my and _____’s personalities and have even told me a few things that I didn’t know, but make sense, once I read it. . I am completely fascinated by the vision you see about us. Also, how you describe how we inter-relate with each other is true as well.. The second part about my true soul mate possibly being of similar traits as me and being a health care professional is something that I can envision as well. The next several months will be very interesting! Thank you so much for this reading!”
– G.C.

“I really want to tell you that you have helped me so much. I feel so strongly about our readings and the information and insight you’ve given me have helped me immensely.”
– A.G.

” I’m sure I’ll be contacting you again in the future. I’ve told many of my friends how easy it was to talk to you and how clarifying it was. I thank you so very much for sharing your gifts with me.”
– K.S.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful session. That was the most profound, accurate reading I ever had.”
– Melissa

” Please accept this belated thank you for the wonderful guidance you provided my sister and I during our recent psychic reading visit with you and Ish in your home. The help was tremendous for my sister since she, more than I, is in need for guidance at this time in her life which is presenting her with various challenges. She returned home to Switzerland apprehensive, but putting up a brave soul to sort the challenges. So, many, many and many thanks to you! In hindsight, I am making sense of several things that Ish revealed to me as well, even though they did not click instantly at the time of the reading. So, I apologize to Ish when I stated that my sister got the best of his wisdom that day (could it be sibling rivalry, hahaha). I will do my part in asking specific questions in the future as well, since Ish prefers their guidance. As I mentioned to you, I am interested in exploring further the significance of a soul insight which I experienced as a child. So, I will be in touch when my soul calls on me to seek and receive your and Ish’s help and wisdom :)!”

“ Just wanted to thank you for the reading this evening. I will definitely keep you in mind when I come across others who desire a quality reading. Although you didn’t remember our last reading (understandably so) when you channeled the information, it was as if we were continuing right where we left off (at least 6-8 months ago). This reading has given me the strength and clarity that I need to proceed into something that may be challenging, yet worth it. You have given me the tools to succeed in this endeavor, whatever the outcome may be I can move forward with confidence and know what needs to be addressed.”
-Thanks again and many blessings, Paulette S.

“With only one channeled phone session, Evanne changed my life. More channeled phone sessions followed as I was finding my way with this, as it was new and very exciting to me. Only with Evanne’s amazing God-given talent could I have accomplished my trans-writing in my historical fiction research and novel I am currently working on. Along the way, I have learned many new things with Evanne’s and Ish’s guidance. She is amazing and will blow you away with her gifts. I still cannot catch my breath from our channeled phone sessions. I will always and only seek the advice of Evanne and Ish for all my spiritual endeavors and journey. Be on the look out for my novel “Beautiful Train”, which will be done now with the help of Evanne and Ish. If you have not had an opportunity to have a session with them, then you are totally missing out on a life changing experience. I cannot thank Evanne and Ish enough for all they have done for me.“
– Love & Light, Kimberly

“ I want to thank you so much for the reading this past Monday. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful it was. You truly are gifted in a whole other realm. It leaves me a bit speechless and I’m so happy that J. turned me on to you. I’ll be back for many more readings and I do sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to guide me into my own light and peace.”
– Diesel

“ I just wanted to say thank you for working with me over the phone a couple of weeks ago. What came through you was really amazing and life–altering for me. And I am used to receiving information often, so that is saying a lot…my experience with you was amazing. You’ve helped me move to another level of readiness. Thank you so much for helping me in seeing truth!”
– Kim R

“I feel I learned so much from your reading and it refreshed my mind. I feel it put me to a higher level (spiritual level) with a better attitude. I started to be able to look at my life in a different way now, so that I would be able to cope with problems in life better (not let it impact and being controlled by it). . Evanne, thank you so much for giving me a chance to make me realize what is going on in my life with a whole different approach and a positive attitude. I feel happier now and I am fortunate to be able to receive a reading from you.”

“Evanne has a gift, a great gift and she shares this gift to help others. Once you talk to her and you start to understand what is going on in the world of spirit, you will never feel the same again. She speaks in a very soft, comforting and healing voice. A session with her can be helpful, emotional, sometimes funny, but when I am done, I feel there is nothing I can’t handle. She is non-judgmental and I can talk to her about anything. She is very generous with her time, and will go out of her way to help you in times of need. I have recommended Evanne to numerous people who she has in turn also helped. I have known her for 3 years now, love her dearly and my life has benefited greatly from her guidance.”

Service Category: Spiritual Counseling
Year first hired: 2005 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I wanted to let you know that I was deeply moved by the information that came to me today. Your abilities are incredible to say the very least!”

“Thank you for being there for me so many times. I think you are so right on in so many ways. You are truly amazing and I am grateful for you and your “information”.”
–Love, N.P.

“Dear Evanne: I cannot thank-you enough for your blessed LIGHT. You have an amazing gift, which I can only imagine must be a pain in the neck (metaphorically speaking) at times. Oh I can only imagine! I do want you to know you lifted me today (again) and gave me strength. I wanted you to know you are a “treasured soul.” Salve, balm with your cup of wisdom!! I wish you much peace and productivity. I will be telling more friends about you as I find you a not only a “revealer” but a healer. Blessed spring and take good care of YOU. All my love,”
– L.W.

“I have forwarded your number to one friend and she will forward it to another friend tomorrow. Thanks for the great advice today. It was incredible how many things you were so precise about and correct!”

“Thank you very much for your entry and for your generous psychic readings. I will forward them on to the appropriate parties. I can tell you that as far as my own reading goes, you certainly pegged a lot of truths. Very cool!”

“I’m a local writer whose first novel was on the brink of going out of print. My agent told me it was only to be expected: for too long a time, my ten year old book had sold too few copies per month. But Ish didn’t agree. He said my editor was planning a “renaissance” for the book, reprinting it in a quality paperback edition along with my recently completed sequel. By all the laws of the industry it was, if not impossible, extremely unlikely. And then, two months later, my editor called my agent and echoed Ish’s words: She “didn’t want to let (the first book) go.” To my amazement, she told him she wanted to re-launch it in a permanent quality edition.”
–Anna S.

“Evanne and Ish, I am so grateful for the reading……thank you. It confirmed my relationships as well as brought clarity to my work. I wanted to let you know that since the reading I have gotten a phone call from every person I had asked about during the reading. I was very surprised to hear from everyone; they all called about 10 minutes from each otherk maybe less. It was very synchronistic. I’ve been on the phone the whole night! It opened up something and drove them to call me. Thank you so much! I feel connected and satisfied. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I already have. Thanks again and hopefully I will have an opportunity to connect with you again.“
–Love, Logan Roth

“Evanne is amazingly tuned in and talented. What was especially interesting and helpful was our ability to interact with one another during my reading. At all times I felt she was both in tune with me and with her guides and with the spirits of those we were contacting. In addition, her accuracy of information is amazing – truly astounding! I felt so connected with departed loved ones whose personalities as I had known them came through in authentic ways. I also gained great insights and valuable information about my relationships – both with those alive and not incarnate – who are or have been close to me. And, I feel that I have been given useful tools for utilizing my own psychic abilities, permission to use those tools with more awareness, and a certain resultant “grounding” that causes me to listen to my inner wisdom and tune into my own spirit guide(s). ”
– C. L.

”Evanne has developed a special relationship with her spiritual guide where ”they”, working as a team, are able to counsel others. My readings with Evanne and ”Ish”(short for Ishmael) have not only provided me with suggestions and answers, but have also taught me how to develop a relationship with my own spiritual guide and have encouraged a deeper trust in my own intuition. Evanne has the uncanny ability to communicate on two planes at once. With the help of Ish, Evanne has introduced me to my own spirit guide. This recognition has allowed me to become more intuitive in my relationships, my creativity, and life’s challenges.“
–Trish R., San Francisco

“In a recent consultation with Evanne, I asked about the details of selling our house. It was late fall, and Evanne said to get it on the market as soon as we could. She said that we would get an offer very quickly, but that this offer wouldn’t really be a serious one. We actually did get an offer before we had the first open house, although this offer was very low and was followed by a series of counter-offers. She also said that we would get another offer shortly after that which would be a serious offer, that those buyers would want us to replace some windows, and that we would sell the house in December. We did get another full price offer while waiting to hear about one of our counter-offers to the other buyer. We took this offer. We had previously replaced some bathroom windows when getting the house ready to sell, and after that some of the other bathroom windows became hard to open. When these buyers had the house inspected, they wrote that they wanted us to replace those windows. We took care of that and sold the house on December 21. ”

“I have been calling Evanne for a year and half. She is truly gifted and caring. She gets inside the heads of everyone I ask about. She describes people and their situation accurately. I will continue to call her. Others should call too. ”
–K. A.

”Through the years I have been amazed by how easy it is for Evanne to distinguish her thoughts from the channeled material. Although her own personality is beautifully open and aware, the channeled material clearly comes from a different perspective which can see in all directions and is firmly based in pure consciousness. The voice is very loving , sympathetic and non-judgmental, yet at the same time radical and uncompromising. I have asked Ish questions in every category from technical to embarrassing and have always been given answers that were direct, specific, and at the same time revelatory or spiritualizing.”
– John H.