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Evanne offers Psychic Readings on life issues, family issues, inner child, health, relationships, career, abundance, creative visualization, past lives, spirit path, dream analysis, connection to one’s spirit guide… and much more!


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What is Psychic Channeling?

Psychic Channeling is reading the energy of other people, spirit guides, animals, or the deceased by connecting with one’s own Spirit Guide or higher energy. When a channeler makes a connection with another being’s energy, he or she is able to “read” the energy. The information may come through as words, visions, pictures or feelings.

Psychic Channeling is not fortune telling and does not deal with predictions. All beings have free will and the right to make heir own choices. Channeling is simply reading energy and accessing information. Those receiving the information choose to make their own decisions based on, or not based on, the information.


Create your own light and you can create your own life!

Psychic Channeling changed my life and I believe it will change the life of anyone who chooses to pursue this spiritual path. Psychic Channeling did not change who I was as a person. It led me on my life’s path to the real me, to my true dreams and visions, and to my true life purpose.
I believe that everyone can create their own light and create their own life! If you choose to open up to greater spiritual awareness, you will find a greater clarity in whatever you would like to achieve and how to make that happen. As my Spirit Guide, Ish, told me several years ago, “Create your own light and you can create your own life!”
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Professional Psychic Counselor

Create your own light and you can create your own life!

Life issues, Relationships, Spirit Path
Past Lives, Dream Analysis
Contact with Spirit Guides of Living Beings, Animal Energy and the Deceased

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My Services

Through Ish, Evanne is able to contact and channel voices and information from the energies, or Spirit Guides, of human beings and animals – family, friends, pets – deceased or living.
Psychic Readings
Insight on Life Issues, Relationships, Contact with Deceased, Career, Past Lives, Spirit Path/Guide, Animal/Pet Energies
Spirit Medium
Connecting my higher self with Deceased
Astrology Reports
Clients receive a Free Astrology Report with Every Half Hour Reading.
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