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Spirit Medium Work

By speaking with living energies which communicate through her, Evanne Jordan, Psychic Medium, is able to contact and channel voices and information from the Spirit Guides of both Living and Deceased Human Beings and Animals.

As Evanne is an animal lover, she is very pleased to be able to connect and channel animal energies, especially those of living and deceased pets. Her psychic medium abilities provide insight into these beloved animals’ thoughts and feelings even beyond their passing.

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What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is one’s higher or intuitive self. Everyone has the capacity to access this level of awareness. Intuitive ability is simply another form of intelligence.


My Spirit Guide, Ish

Ish or Ishmael is Evanne’s spirit guide. A spirit guide can be defined as the higher self or the third eye; it is one’s energy and intuitive knowledge at a higher level. Evanne was introduced to her Spirit Guide, Ish, under the guidance of Sanaya Roman, the author of “Opening To Channel”. When Evanne first met her Spirit Guide, he came to her in a guided trance state during her channeling class with Sanaya.

He first appeared as a gentleman on a white horse who swept her up into his saddle. In the next phase of the vision, the location changed to a tiny planet in the universe. Evanne’s Spirit Guide then told her his name was Ishmael or Ish. In the vision, Evanne and Ish were standing in the middle of the planet and were surrounded by seven spirit beings or beings of light who were welcoming Evanne to her new life path.

Evanne realized later that the seven beings were all aspects of Ishmael. Each aspect allows Evanne to direct her psychic insight and intuition into different psychic abilities. These include helping her envision and actualize her goals, contact and be a medium for living beings, animals and the deceased, as well as gain insight into life issues, relationships, health, career and spirit path, past lives and auras for her clients.

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Life issues, Relationships, Spirit Path
Past Lives, Dream Analysis
Contact with Spirit Guides of Living Beings, Animal Energy and the Deceased

My Services

Through Ish, Evanne is able to contact and channel voices and information from the energies, or Spirit Guides, of human beings and animals – family, friends, pets – deceased or living.
Psychic Readings
Insight on Life Issues, Relationships, Contact with Deceased, Career, Past Lives, Spirit Path/Guide, Animal/Pet Energies
Spirit Medium
Connecting my higher self with Deceased
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