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I believe that everyone can create their own light and create their own life! If you choose to open up to greater spiritual awareness, you will find a greater clarity in whatever you would like to achieve and how to make that happen.
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Half Hour Psychic Channeled Reading
Includes FREE Astrology Report
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Quick Questions

Psychic Channeling changed my life. It did not change me. It lead me to the real me, to my true dreams and visions, and to my true life purpose. I believe that everyone can create their own light and create their own life!
I am reading energy; people can choose whether or not to base their decisions on the information I give. As I was trained to do by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, my teachers and authors of “Opening to Channel”, if a person asks a yes or no question, I will usually provide both scenarios, as in “if you decide to do this…this is how it will play out” or “here are the pros and cons of deciding yes and the pro and cons of deciding no”. People need to know and believe that they are more powerful than any psychic power and that they have free will to change their decisions and courses of action.

Usually in words, the first word will come and I may not know what the end of the sentence will be, but I will say the first word so that the others will flow. I will also sometimes get visions or images, and will ask Ish to explain them. This happens a lot when I work with artists or with authors, or other folks who are involved in the creative process.

I believe that everyone has a multiple of lives on the earthly plane, and that each life is a lesson for the soul. I think of past lives as metaphors, and serve as lessons for the current life. Whenever someone asks for a past life reading, I ask Ish to describe a life that is relevant to the current life, and which teaches a lesson for the current life.